Tips on Leaving Home When Holiday To Stay Safe

Tips on Leaving Home When Holiday To Stay Safe

Often tarveling for a long period of time but still often anxious to leave the house and everything? Here are some tips on leaving home during a vacation that must be considered.
There is always a dilemma when you have to go on vacation for quite a long time, one of which has to leave the house in all. On the one hand going on vacation is fun, but on the other hand it also leaves worries when leaving home. Worried that the house was burglarized, or often also had an electrical short circuit that caused a fire.
In order to keep the vacation safe and comfortable, there are a few tips on leaving home while on vacation that travelers should pay attention to. Here are some of them:

Make sure that the house is fully locked
Always double check before going on vacation and leaving home for a long time. Make sure the entire door, window and even ventilation are perfectly locked. Don’t miss anything.
If you feel the need, install additional keys on certain parts, such as doors or windows that are not fitted with tralis.

Store valuables in a safe place
There is hardly a place that is truly safe, but at least keep all the things that are considered valuable in a hidden place that is difficult to find thieves. For travelers who have a lot of gold deposits, for example, tips on leaving home while on the most suitable vacation is to leave it in a pawnshop. This method is quite safe than storing gold at home.

Don’t forget to turn off the water source (PAM), gas and electricity
Often cases of houses burning when left by the owner went on vacation. The most reason is due to electrical short circuit. In addition to electricity, the biggest trigger of disruption at home is water and gas. So make sure to turn off the water source (PAM), pull out the gas line, and cut or unplug all electrical connections that have the potential to cause a short circuit.
Always double check before going on vacation to be safe while enjoying a walk.
There is no harm in leaving a house to a neighbor or relative during a vacation
Try to greet neighbors or relatives before going on vacation. Convey that maybe for a few days in the future the house will be empty, so they can occasionally see him. There is nothing wrong also to leave the house to a neighbor or relative who is trusted to be able to check it at any time.

Clean the house from dirt, food scraps and cover all drain holes
So that the house doesn’t fall apart due to the behavior of rats or other animals, make sure to clean the house before going on vacation. Dispose of all the trash and food scraps, or at least store leftovers that are still in the refrigerator. Don’t forget to close the entire drain. Starting from drains in the bathroom, toilet or kitchen.

Activate CCTV and alarm
If at home you have a good security system such as an alarm or CCTV, make sure it’s safe when going on vacation. Double check the cable connection, point the CCTV to a place that is closed from view to make it safer. Increasingly sophisticated technology now makes security and CCTV systems can be controlled and monitored remotely via smartphones. Make sure everything is well connected so that when you go on vacation you don’t need to worry anymore about the condition of the house.
Set the condition of the house so that it doesn’t look empty
Tips on leaving home when the next vacation is made so that the condition of the house is not as empty. For example, still turn on the lights and put some pairs of sandals on the front yard so that the house doesn’t seem empty. This might outwit people who intend evil and will think that the house is not empty.

Avoid posting on social media
It is not impossible that people with evil intentions have lurked through social media. When you often upload vacation photos and locations, maybe people out there are actually using it to commit crime. Maybe it can be dealt with by filtering out certain people who can see posts on social media, so it will be safer.