Safe Tips for Girls Who Want to Traveling

Safe Tips for Girls Who Want to Traveling

Actually there is nothing wrong with a female traveler doing solo traveling. But because of the departure, of course there are various things that must be prepared. Unlike traveling with friends. Starting from choosing a safe destination, to avoid lonely places, there are various solo traveling tips that can be tried to reduce the possibility of things that are not desirable.

1. Find location information

Choose destinations inside and outside the country that are classified as safe. A number of online institutions and sites are surveying which destinations are safe for female travelers. The assessment certainly includes the level of crime there. Is the incidence of robbery, murder or rape high, or low?

For this information, a traveler can look for it via the internet, on trusted sites. After determining the destination, it’s time to find all the detailed information related to tourism, such as what tourism objects, local culture, modes of transportation, lodging, to local culinary.

2. Invite friends

Well, even when leaving from home to a vacation place alone, it does not mean that all the way you keep going alone. Look for friends from various other areas you meet. Who knows you are aiming to come to the same tourist attraction.

So a traveler will be safer in traveling, while getting a lot of new friends. It’s even better if you leave already have friends, so you’re not alone.

Go to various attractions at least both. So it’s easy also if at any time there is an unwanted event and need help.

3. Be careful with new people

When you get new friends, it doesn’t hurt to be a little suspicious of people who are good at behavior. It is possible that there is a certain purpose behind his good behavior. Stay good in front of new acquaintances, but still have to be vigilant and do not necessarily give full trust. This is to avoid the possibility of them committing a crime.

4. Choose a licensed tour guide

When the streets are more fun, if accompanied by a tour guide. Well, the traveler should be more selective in choosing this tour guide. If someone offers to guide the trip, first ask his identity.

It is good to check first, whether it is part of a particular travel agent. If necessary, ask for proof that he is indeed an official tour guide, for example by showing a certificate of guide who can also be a card. If you feel suspicious, refuse it smoothly and look for another tour guide that feels more convincing.

5. Don’t come to a quiet place

If the tourist attraction or restaurant you want to visit looks quiet, you should postpone your visit there. Try to find out what time the information will usually be crowded. Or invite new friends you know when traveling. Traveling crowded to places that are considered quiet will be safer.

6. Avoid night trips

Traveling feels safer when it’s still bright, from morning to evening. When night falls, to be safer you should stay at the inn. Especially if the area is relatively quiet at night and away from the city crowd. If you are forced to leave at night, ask to be accompanied by a trusted person.

7. Ready with communication tools

Bring enough goods. Cellphones, chargers and Powerbank if necessary always carry. So, if anything happens and need anything, you can directly contact the authorities and the embassy.