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The Definition of a Leisure Traveler

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It then explored how these preparatory logics of distinction translated—or indeed, did not translate—into the vacationer, leisure, and recreational occasions organized by BOSS’s third platform. These leisured activities are politically significant as a result of they require a turning inward that breaks the link between resilience + humanitarianism established during BOSS’s Well-Being and Community Service platforms. During BOSS’s tourism, leisure, and recreation events, this narcissism is intensified and amplified when it’s mapped onto the existing logics of power endemic in the tourism trade; in different phrases, when resilient/weak aligns with privileged visitor/servile host. The instance of BOSS tourist excursions in South Korea adds an additional layer of asymmetry through a strong colonial discourse in which American soldiers are regularly distanced from native South Koreans. Military leaders have always understood that success on the battlefield requires the provision of recreation, rest, and leisure for lively-duty soldiers.

In the most extreme case of house-time compression, individuals could fly from one metropolis, where they keep a home, to a different, the place they work throughout the identical day. A small proportion of execs are “bicoastal,” that is, they keep houses in cities on each coasts, often Manhattan and Los Angeles. By the year 2000, a mature air journey trade consisting of numerous carriers and nearly infinite locations carried over seven-hundred,000 passenger journeys domestically. To make sure, frequent enterprise travel includes a big share of complete journeys.

Across Europe and the United States there was an effort for the preservation and musealization of some … Read the rest