Camping Equipment to Carry

Camping Equipment to Carry

Camping is an entertainment activity that is usually the most eagerly awaited by some people when the holidays have arrived. Because camping or what is commonly called camping is a relaxing and simple golden opportunity entertainment activity. Like other activities, in camping we also have to prepare equipment and equipment that must be carried.

Camping will be very fun if we prepare all the equipment ourselves without the need for help from others. Feeling happy, happy, afraid to get mixed up when doing packing. Different story again if we use the services of a travel agent who has prepared complete equipment.

Besides being fun, preparing your own camping gear will also be cheaper.

Some mandatory equipment that is brought while camping is:

  • Drinking water
  • Jacket
  • Umbrellas
  • Mobile
  • Purse

The following camping equipment is commonly taken and can be used as a guide for beginners.

1. Positive attitude and calm heart

Are you sure to go to camp? Bring ourselves personally with a happy, positive attitude and calm heart because there we will never know what will be found.

2. Camping Beds

It is like an obligation for all of us to prepare beds for camping. The bed does not have to be shaped like a mattress, the room is complete with a cupboard and others. We can prepare large or small tents, adapted to the number of people who come camping. Even so, if you are a person who cannot sleep without using pillows and blankets, bring these tools.

3. Camping Cook

Camping means we are far from home, and residents are. Bring cooking utensils are also needed to be on guard when starving in a camping place. Bring along a hiking stove and other snacks, such as noodles and rice.

4. Comfortable clothes

Prepare and use clothes that are comfortable according to their personal selves, such as shoes, jackets, shirts, hats, socks and others. Bring more than one as a substitute if the clothes we use are wet or dirty.

5. Worship Equipment

Different beliefs, different worship equipment that must be brought. Prepare all this in accordance with their respective beliefs. Have fun, but don’t forget to keep worshiping God Almighty.

6. Entertainment Equipment / Toys

We Camping, We Happy! Bring tools that can entertain us and friends like guitar, uno, card, ipod and others. Make our camping the most valuable camping of a lifetime.

7. First Aid

First Aid is First Aid for Accidents. If we do not have complete, bring enough equipment to treat each of our illnesses.

8. Adjust the place of Camping

Where do we go camping? Are there lakes, beaches or other places in the vicinity? If so, prepare a tool to use the place around the camping to be fun, like fishing or something else.

9. Enough Vehicles to Carry All Camping Equipment

Finally, what must be prepared is to bring a vehicle of sufficient size and capacity to transport all cargo and camping equipment, motorcycle or car. If the motorbike is not enough, then bring a box truck or pickup truck.