Travellers Guide To Singapore Airport

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As mentioned previously, trip insurance does not only protect you against not being able to travel. The plans we offer at International Insurance Group cover you for a number of other eventualities as well. An example policy might also include travel delay up to a maximum of $1,000 (this feature covers you for a lost or stolen passport, travel documents, or money, natural disaster, and medical quarantine, among others), loss of baggage and personal possessions up to $2,000, and baggage delay for $1,000. And, although trip insurance is not a comprehensive travel medical plan , some emergency medical expenses are covered under the trip cancellation policy. Depending on the policy, emergency medical and dental expenses might be covered up to $50,000, while emergency medical evacuation and repatriation might be covered up to $20,000. There is also a $3,000 limit for emergency reunion or return of mortal remains, and up to $100,000 … Read the rest